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Riding Academy


Learn to Ride! That's right, you can learn to ride and receive a practical, hands-on approach from the professionals at Man O'War Harley-Davidson®'s Riders School!

BRC1 - Riding Academy 2019 Schedule

Open 2019 Class Dates:

Class Date

Open Spots

Class Cost
9/27 - 9/29
VA Medical Center Leestown Rd
10/4 - 10/6
Frederick Douglass High School
10/11 - 10/13
FullFrederick Douglass High School$150
10/18 - 10/20FullVA Medical Center Leestown Rd
10/25 - 10/27
FullFrederick Douglass High School
11/1 - 11/3
Frederick Douglass High School
11/8 - 11/10FullVA Medical Center Leestown Rd
11/15 - 11/17
FullFrederick Douglass High School
11/22 - 11/24
FullVA Medical Center Leestown Rd




The registration of the eCourse does not expire. A student may take their eCourse as many times as they want. The certificate of completion, which is tied to the date the eCourse was completed, is valid for 30 days. Send your certificate of completion to or bring a copy the first day of your class.


Payments for the MSF Class

Payments for the advanced and beginners Motorcycle Safety Classes must be made at Man O'War Harley-Davidson® by cash or credit. FULL PAYMENT for the class is required in advance for your name to be officially added to your class of choice.

Man O'War Harley-Davidson®, 2019 Basic Riders Course Schedule

The Man O'War Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Basic Riders Course is a hand's on course, with MSF-certified Rider Coaches, and boasts a full twenty hours of comprehensive motorcycle instruction. The cost is $150 for KY state residents, $250 for out-of-state residents, and payment is required at time of registration. There is no motorcycle riding experience necessary to participate. The only prerequisite is that you have the ability to ride a bicycle and have a government issued Drivers License.

For the BRC Weekday RiderCourse

This weekday class was designed for those who work weekends or are not available to attend our weekend classes. This schedule will also benefit those who work odd hours or graveyard shifts.

Things you'll Need to Complete the Rider's Course

You will be required to wear appropriate clothing: long pants, long-sleeved shirt or jacket, over the ankle boots, sunglasses or other eye protection, full-fingered gloves, and a DOT-compliant helmet (limited loan helmets available if needed).

What Happens After Completion of the Class?

If you do not already have a motorcycle permit:

Upon successful completion of the course, you will still be required to take the permit test at your local DMV. After carrying your permit for the required 30-days for anyone over 21 and 180-days for anyone under the age of 21 interval you can then return to your DMV with your permit and class voucher to receive your new motorcycle-endorsed Drivers License. Class voucher does not cover any fees charged by the DMV for the new license.

If you already have a motorcycle permit:

At least 30 days after the issue date on your motorcycle permit take your motorcycle permit and class voucher to your local DMV at which time you will be issued a new motorcycle-endorsed Drivers License. Class voucher does not cover any fees charged by the DMV for the new license.

Completion of the course can also qualify you for potential discounts from your motorcycle insurance provider.

Get started on your journey as a rider with THIS FREE "Basic Rider Course" handbook. You'll get a quick start on all the basics.


Underage Participants

Persons of under the age of 18 must have written parental consent and a liability waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian before taking the course. Those under 18 years of age are allowed to take the class for free at least once, although a deposit amount is required to hold the class seat and will be refunded with a gift certificate. Picture ID is required.

BRC (2 1/2 day) $150.00